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For over 25 years Bluff has manufactured quality steel and aluminum dock boards and dock plates. 
 Manufacturing the full compliment of aluminum and steel boards, from dock plates and dock boards 
  to yard ramps. 

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Bluff Steel and Aluminum Dock Boards and Dock Plates
We've got the selections and the inventory!! Stocked around the country
in 9 different warehouses. Dock Boards and Dock Plates to keep you moving!

We tell people all the time we've got the best prices on steel and aluminum boards,
 they eventually believe us!

Shipping Points:  
Atlanta, Ga.
Charlotte, N.C.
Fort Worth, Tx.
Elgin, IL. 

N. Arlington, NJ. 
San Lorenza, Ca.
Temple City, Ca.
Seattle, Wa.

Shipping Points across America
to Save $$ on Freight.

No one offers the vast inventory of dock boards and dock plates at some many points across America at the most competitive prices ever! 


Aluminum Dock Plates
Pallet Jack and Hand Truck load and unloading

Dock Plates:  Pallet Jack and Hand truck un/loading Light Weight Aluminum - for non-powered loading applications. Light weight aluminum dock plates are designed for the ease of use for light weight loading and unloading applications involving:   pallet jacks, and hand trucks.  Lip bend is 11 degrees, beveled deck edges allow for smooth transition between truck and dock.  Deck is made of lightweight aluminum tread-plate.  No Fork lift usage.

Height differential between dock and truck, 14% grade Size
w x l
Model Number Capacity Wt lbs. Price each
"A" Models - 3/8" thick
3" 36" x 36" #A3636 3,238# 64# 302.50
3" 48" x 36" A4836 4,383# 80# 373.55
5" 48" x 48" A4848 2,388# 105# 459.35
7" 48" x 60" A4860 1,656# 130# 546.00
"B" Models - 1/2" thick  
3" 48" x 36" B4836 6,265# 101# 474.10
5" 48" x 48" B4848 4,532# 133# 602.70


Aluminum Dock Boards
For Forklift Loading/Unloading

Aluminum  Dock Boards: Aluminum - AC / BC Boards
A good choice for use where weight is the most critical factor and usage is not extreme. Made from high grade "diamond deck" aluminum and reinforced with side curbs made from structural steel. Curbs are bolted in place lending their weight carrying ability to an already tough and ready product. Usable width will be 3" less than overall width. Locking legs provide secure positioning & runoff protection while an 11" lip offers smooth transition from the dock to the truck. ANSI Certified

*  Aluminum dock boards with steel side curbs      
Height differential for pallet jacks or electric lifts Height differential for gas or propane forklifts Size
w x l
Model Number Capacity Wt lbs. Price each
14% grade "AC" Models - 3/8" thick
10,000# cap.
3" 5" 60" x 36" #AC6036 10,000# 127# 637.00
5" 7" 60" x 48" AC6048 10,000# 163# 800.80
7" 9" 60" x 60" AC6060 10,000# 202# 954.20
"BC" Models - 
1/2" thick
15,000# cap.
5" 7" 60" x 48" BC6048 15,000# 201# 1,019.20
7" 9" 60" x 60" BC6060 15,000# 247# 1,228.95

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