Trailer Stabilizing Jacks
Wesco Manufacturing trailer stabilizing jacks meet OSHA requirements for stabilizing trailers

Trailer Stabilizing Jacks

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Trailer Stabilizing Jacks
High strength steel construction trailer stabilizing jacks prevent up-ending of semi-trailers when not connected to a truck during loading and unloading.  Three different models, economy, standard, and heavy duty models. 


Part #    272957
Model #    TSJE
Static Capacity    50,000 lbs
Lifting Capacity    5,000 lbs
Service Range    44" - 51"
Weight    45 lbs

♦Meets OSHA requirements
♦manually turned ACME threaded
screw raises and lowers jack
♦5" x 5" top plate
♦14" diameter base

Price each............$ 127.08

Part #   272955
Model #   TSJS
Static Capacity   100,000 lbs
Lifting Capacity   40,000 lbs
Service Range   39.5" - 51"
Wheels   8" semi-pneumatic
Weight   91 lbs

♦Meets OSHA requirements
♦Ratchet with ACME threaded screw design
♦14" diameter x 1/2" thick base plate

Price each..........$ 251.64

Part #    272956
Model #    TSJHD
Static Capacity    100,000 lbs
Lifting Capacity    50,000 lbs
Service Range    39.5" - 51"
Wheels   8" semi-pneumatic 
  4" semi steel wheels
Weight   195 lbs

♦Meets OSHA requirements
♦Two way reversible hand ratchet
♦6" x 24" long beam
♦15" triangular base

Price each......$ 435.43

We recommend using at least two jacks per trailer.

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